Digital Marketing Job in Cambodia

How to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job in Cambodia

Digital marketing is extremely popular here in Cambodia. Especially given our country’s aspiration to be a Kingdom of Wonder!
Increasingly, companies of most sizes are hiring people with digital marketing skills and competencies. This need is likely to increase in the years to come, given how obsessed consumers are with their smartphones, tablets and other devices.

In all of our years of helping clients and equipping individuals in digital skills like social media marketing, content marketing, and brand storytelling, we’re often asked this one question:

How do you secure a good digital marketing work in Cambodia?

Cambodia may be the fastest developing of internet surfers among parts of Asia. While most Cambodian populations are teenagers, those people who are the energetic workforce for several type of industries, considering that teenagers consume so much internet to access social media such as for example, Facebook and YouTube, evidently is TikTok.

Given the sheer level of government attention in everything digital, in conjunction with the rising customer and business demand for several things electronic, it is common that ambitious internet marketers would want to create a career in this industry.

But where in the event you start? And the method that you should plot your job path in this path?

In this article, we shall talk about our thoughts and knowledge on what you can become a professional digital marketer.

1. Focus on a Digital Marketing Specialty

You cannot possibly master ALL digital marketing skills. Each and every field of digital marketing is both deep and wide. The most important core disciplines include the following:

Beyond the above areas, there are other related digital fields that you need to consider. They include using AI and chatbots, virtual reality apps, gamification, and other upcoming areas .

While it is near impossible to master every digital marketing discipline, you can try to gain a broad overview of each area.
From our experience in working with companies in digital marketing, we find that most have one, two or at most three areas of deep expertise.

However, that does not preclude them from studying and understanding how another bits of the digital advertising jigsaw fit together.
We have been deeply entrenched in articles strategy and development.

We’re also acquainted with SEO and website landing page development, we are able to easily interpret most internet and social media marketing analytics charts and tables, and will diagnose what’s necessary for our clients.

With regards to digital advertising, however, w’ll use affiliates and partners with in-depth expertise and experience.

2. Launch YOUR PERSONAL Digital Channels

If you want to be considered a digital marketer, you should begin practicing. If your task doesn’t enable you to do it during office hours, create your own online channels and start doing it during your free time!

The beauty of most digital marketing fields is that it doesn’t cost you very much to launch your own channels.
Most website Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, or Wix are either free or very cheap to join up for.

Google Analytics is absolve to use, in fact it is an extremely powerful free tool which you can use to build your personal web analytics scoreboards.

All the major social media marketing networks are also absolve to make use of: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. You don’t need to purchase a Facebook Web page, a LinkedIn company web page or an Instagram company account. (You merely have to pay once you run advertisements as a firm, or decide on a Premium accounts on LinkedIn.)

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Each one of these channels include detailed analytics tools to monitor your performance.

Email marketing software like MailChimp also have free versions that you can try out on

While the platforms may not cost much, you do need to devote time and energy to learn how to use them properly.

3. Follow Digital Marketing Influencers and LinkedIn recruiters

One of the fastest ways to learn about digital marketing is to follow the leaders in this field.

Beyond these influential individuals, you should also read online publications that specialize in this topic. They include:

If reading isn’t your thing, you can also subscribe to podcasts by these influencers. By doing so, we’re able to exercise and learn by listening to these influencers at the same time.

As you slowly build your digital marketing wings, join Facebook or LinkedIn groups that discuss various digital marketing topics.
These can be anything from SEO, social media marketing, to WordPress website development and email marketing. To find them, simply type your preferred digital marketing topic and search for suitable groups to join.

digital marketing job

digital marketing job

4. Spend money on Quality Digital Marketing Training

Nothing at all beats the hands-on understanding connection with a face-to-encounter ‘live’ workshop. Executed by trainers with yrs of experience, they permit you to dabble in the many digital marketing equipment in a protected climate where you won’t be judged for the mistakes.

Taking a workshop or even masterclass also offers you the chance to network along with like-minded others. It is possible to form a support team with various other fellow learners, and bounce off tips or help one another out.

If you’re seriously interested in equipping yourself in electronic marketing, we recommend Udemy as the spot to equip yourself with useful electronic marketing skills. All the courses are led by experienced digital marketers who either run online businesses or own companies (like us).

5. Find a Good Digital Marketing Mentor

Embarking on digital marketing on your own can sometimes be painful. While you can try to wing it yourself, chances are that you’ll hit numerous walls during the process.

A good way to short-cut your learning curve is to choose a digital advertising mentor or coach. This will be considered a person with yrs of experience working digital campaigns, building systems or crafting online articles.

Ask for their credentials and notice if you’re more comfortable with the person’s history before you use him or her.

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digital marketing staff

digital marketing staff


There is a vintage saying which goes such as this: “It isn’t who you understand, but who knows you.”
In the hyper-cluttered internet, you can’t afford to be as shy as a computer mouse and hope a possible employer or business companion would serendipitously discover you.

Here’s where building your individual brand comes in.

Unsure how and where you need to start? Begin by developing your social media marketing profiles, especially on LinkedIn.

7. Trawl LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Jobs

Finally, you should search for and apply for that dream job in digital marketing!

This is the final stage where you hope to get a chance to score an interview with your preferred employer.

All you need to do is search for ‘digital marketing jobs’ about LinkedIn.

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From there, click on “Digital Marketing in Jobs” and scan through all the opportunities available to see which is most suitable for you. Last we counted, there are 100 plus listings in Cambodia alone!

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