digital marketing consultant service in Cambodia

Digital Marketing Consultant Service In Cambodia

With the quick growth of the internet, a good digital advertising plan or digital marketing plan can help you earn more marketing leads and conversions – and ultimately more revenue for your company. How do you create a digital marketing strategy that delivers those results, though?

Digital Marketing is rapidly changing the way marketers run and manage their marketing outreach campaigns to maximize reach and engagement leading to convert leads and conversions. Digital Marketing cannot replace traditional marketing, but it’s becoming the leader of a medium in all marketing aspects.

Why You Need Digital Marketing Consultant Service?

As a consultant, her primary goal is to maximize your potential clients and conversions, leading to more development and income for the business. A digital marketing consultant is the one who has extensive experience and skillsets in digital marketing work in the markets. He or she knows how what, and why your digital marketing strategy needs to be changed or improved on which aspects. To be able to know this, he or she will take some time to audit your digital marketing channels and discussing with your relevant teams to know more about your company, products, services, digital marketing approaches, tools you use, and what you want him or her to really focus on improving it.

Here’re some digital marketing objectives you might want to achieve when hiring a Digital marketing consultant:

  • To visualize your digital marketing roadmap so that you can establish a clear digital marketing strategy for your campaign or company
  • To increase awareness, leads, and conversations against your marketing objectives
  • To audit and optimize your social media pages and website to increase high ranking on google search
  • To introduce/create/design contents fast and on-demand for your social media pages
  • To develop a clear digital marketing strategy for your brand
  • Staff have increases knowledge and skills on digital marketing

How Activerify’s Digital Marketing Consultant Service Can Help You? – Digital marketing agency expertise spans strategy and plan development, website design and development, search engine marketing (both SEO and pay-per-click), social media marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads,  email marketing, and customer conversion.

Our digital marketing consultant helps you focus on what’s essential for your company! The digital marketing evolves quickly, therefore it’s necessary to work with an advertising professional or digital marketing consultant who is able to help your company obtain the best achievement on sale target. We work with our clients across different business types to get them to utilize their potential team and tools using digital marketing. Digital Marketing Consultant takes the confusion out of all options. We shall analyze your online presence as well as your competitors for the best alternative solutions for your business.

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Here is some digital marketing consultancy service we have to offer

  1. Website Audit, Traffic & Optimizations
  • Audit website for speed, SEO and Traffic sources
  • Advice on the website development and SEO optimization and SEO
  1. Social Media Pages Audit & optimizations
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  1. Social Media Automation & Content Creation
  • Introducing and walking through Social Media Automation Tools (Schedule post & Auto-post).
  • Introducing and walking through Design Tools & Video creation software
  1. Facebook Ads Strategy
  • On Desktop feed
  • On mobile feed
  • In story
  • Messenger
  • Instream video
  • instance article
  1. Google Ads Strategy
  • Responsive ads
  • Video ads
  • Banner ads
  1. Email Marketing
  • How to reduce spam mail
  • How to find email address
  • How to verify email address
  • How to write email headline that catches reader attention
  • Email marketing samples

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