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Social Media Contents Translation Services in Cambodia

Is there any reliable digital marketing agency company offering social media contents translation services in Cambodia?

The answer is absolutely yes, Activiery.com – Local  Digital Marketing Agency can help with this.

Social media pages with multiple languages require human resources to work from day to day to translate social media contents from one language to one another, which is challenging for most of the businesses.

We provide a selection of social media content translation services for small and large companies that are looking forward to expanding into overseas territories or those with global marketing content translation services that simply need to know how what their customers are saying about their products and services in various regions around the world.

Khmer English Translation Service in Cambodia

Khmer English Translation Service in Cambodia

The reason why these companies are increasingly adopting global social media marketing content in the local language is largely that customers are more empowered than ever before. They can access information on numerous companies and products at the touch of a button, and sociable media channels provide the ideal conditions for customers to share their encounters among their networks, which in turn has a massive effect on the purchase and buying patterns of consumers. Therefore, businesses that previously paid lip service to customer care are actually having to deliver on their guarantees or risk being exposed by disgruntled customers.

Facebook Translation Tool

If you run a Facebook page targeting Cambodian customers, you need to translate your content language into Khmer language because the majority of Cambodian people are not able to read English or your language expected a small amount of those educated people who do.  Therefore, what could be a good solution? Hiring a local staff? Hiring local staff might also cost a lot of money. Use Facebook’s translation tool? Well, if you worry about your brand is being damaged, you cannot rely on Facebook’s translation tool.

Google Translate Tool

Google translates is becoming a better option for most people, particularly article writers or translators, journalists, reporters and so on. In Cambodia, most new writers or content writers use Google Translate to incorporate in their article translation and writing process as they can use it to translate news or articles in other languages into Khmer language with just a mouse click of a button. However, it takes them a lot of time to verify the accuracy of the translation.

Another Translation software

Many translation companies promise to translate text contents from one language up to 100 languages. Is this true? Yes, it is. Using online software translation services is quick and easy, but keep in mind Artificial Intelligent (AI) translation software is a machine which somehow really doesn’t know the authentic language the native speakers use in their communications, therefore; you can’t rely on translation software to automatically translate your social media content without verifying with language translators.

How Activerify Can Help you

Activerify.com is local premier digital marketing and social media marketing agency with years of experience in offering social media marketing, email marketing, website development, content marketing, digital marketing strategy, and social media advertising campaign to both small-medium, and large corporation companies and organization locally and internationally, we do believe that to keep your social media present, you need contents even video content, quote contents, gift contents, or even image content, posting onto your social media in a regular basic while requires captions of each post to attract your customers or fans’ attention. While your social media pages are established to post in multiple languages, you might struggle to hire more staff to work for you to translate into your preferred language. You have no frustration with your social media language translation in Khmer, at Activerify.com we have specialized in translation digital contents from English into Khmer and from Khmer into English with the required speed and curation at an affordable cost.

Translation Translator in Phnom Penh

Translation Translator in Phnom Penh


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