Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Local Business

If you run a local business and you’re struggling to get people in your location or get people reaching out to you, then you need to keep watching this video, because I’m about to share with you five local business marketing strategies that are guaranteed to bring you more customers now these five strategies that I’m going to be telling you are all around internet marketing and growing your presence online. So if you are against that and you’re more traditional marketing, you’d rather run print ads or radio ads or billboards, then stop watching this video, because it’s not for you, see I’m all about internet marketing.

It’s super effective, it’s super powerful and it’s very low cost. So if you are wanting to learn more about internet marketing strategies and growing your business and reaching more of the neighbors, the people that live around that five-mile to 10-mile radius around your location and this is the video for you. So Before we jump into the five strategies, I just want to thank you for reading this article.

1. Shoot Video Contents for Your Local customers

Now, if you’ve been under a rock or you’ve been living out in the woods, then you need to know that video is very, very powerful and it is the main way people are consuming content these days so think about a video like a soldier like a member of your team that is capable of reaching thousands of people and communicating with thousands of people all within one day or over the course of a month right. So when you create these video assets, they are an asset to your company and you don’t need to think. Like super big-time with these videos, they don’t have to have a 50000 production budget when you’re creating these videos, they can be super basic because if you have zero videos, then having one or two is going to be a lot better than zero. So the main important thing here is to just get out there and start creating so use your cell phone grab, your cell phone and just do a little selfie-style. Video and you know, put the video landscape and then shoot some shots of your location, shoot some shots of your customers and you talking with your customers and you out on the scene. You know if you’re, an AC repair company shoot some videos of you out there in a customer’s property and giving some tips and advice on what to troubleshoot. You know if your AC goes out. Here is three things to look for if your AC goes out so shooting video content that gives people value is a great way to build that relationship, build that trust, credibility, and familiarity with the locals that live around your location. The people that live in the area that you’re trying to get as customers now a key thing to remember is don’t overthink this again, you don’t need to shoot an entire video over the course of a week. It can be like it can. Take you like an hour to knock out a quick video, do a little bit of pre-planning kind of think about what you’re gonna say before you hit that record button and then take a little quick video. This can be like a minute to five minutes long. It doesn’t have to be 20 minutes long now if you wanted to make like a multi-series, video we’re gonna be one day. You shoot like a minute, then the next that you shoot a minute and the next thing you shoot a couple minutes and then, over a period of time, you now have a bunch of different minutes that you can combine into one big video, that’s gonna be pretty powerful but really have fun with creating the videos and address frequently asked questions address the features and benefits that you offer to show people why you’re different than your competitors interview some of your customers and literally, if you finish a job just going back to the AC Repair company, if you finish a job, ask the customer: hey! Are you okay with being on video? Are you okay with doing a little video testimonial? For me, I would say: get that in a recording of them, saying yes, I’m okay with being on video and then stand there, selfie-style with you sitting next to him and say: hey Gary, so you know how was our service today? How was your experience with working with our company getting all this on?

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Video is super important because 80 of the global Internet content is video. People are just consuming a lot of videos these days, so they’re more powerful than images. They say an image is worth a thousand words. Well, a video is worth a hundred thousand words because it’s a ton of little images, so you can showcase your products. You can showcase it.

Why you’re different? You can showcase your success stories. You can interact with people in life forms, so if you go live on social media, you can interact with them and then you can run that live video as an ad. Now all these videos can be run as ads and that’s the beauty of it. You can, you know, reach out to people in your neighborhood for the very first time and show them this. Video and they’re gonna get a lot more information from that video versus them, driving by or them seeing your local listing and a Google search results or on Yelp.

Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

So I highly recommend you start shooting video and start getting creative and strategic with your videos. Thinking, how can I create these different videos and I would say, shoot for a goal of having 20 to 30 videos over the next six months to a year right, set yourself a goal and say hey. I want to start creating a library of videos that I put on YouTube or that I put on my Facebook page or my Instagram page, and those are assets. Those are very powerful assets for your company that is going to bring you in a ton of new customers and build relationships with your current customers. Get those people referring to your other business. You know their friends and family and then get those people that are just consuming your content. To refer you, their friends and family to it, doesn’t have to be your current customers that send you business.

2. Run Facebook Ads

Number two is Facebook Ads now when you shoot all these videos, how do you get them seen by thousands of people? More importantly, the thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that live in your local neck of the woods and that’s where Facebook and Instagram ads come in it’s very easy to run an ad on Instagram as well as Facebook because they’re on the same platform. So you just build it out, you check a box, and now you can target people within that five-mile radius around your location. You can be very specific when it comes to age. Gender interest targeting things like that.

Also, Facebook is really cool with retargeting people. Retargeting is basically if somebody goes to your website whether they go to your website from a buddy of their is telling them to check out your website or they go to Google type in you know local AC, repair, company or something you know they type in your zip code and then AC repair or whatever then they’re gonna go to your website. They’re gonna check it out now if they are logged into their Facebook account at the same time as being on your website. Now you have the ability to retarget them, which means if you have a Facebook, pixel or a little Facebook code installed on your website. Now they’re gonna be in a little bucket inside Facebook and you can run your ads on them. So all these videos that you create you can now target them with your video ads. So you can target people that have visited your website.

You can target your current customers. You can upload a current list, you know of your current customers and then you can create an of that now. What these look like audiences are is people that visited your website. Facebook is gonna go find people that look just like those people. Maybe those people that visited your website are homeowners and they’re in a certain income range or they’re in a certain age range and when you create a look-alike, Facebook is gonna go, find people very similar to those people. And then, when you target that look-alike audience chances, are it’s gonna be a pretty well-performing audience for you, because it’s just like your current customer base or it’s just like the current traffic that your website is getting so look-alikes are very powerful custom audiences and retargeting people that either engage with your Facebook fan page visited your website or things like that can be very powerful for you and building that relationship and setting your brand apart from your competitors brands now, if all of this sounds overwhelming and confusing, and something like you really don’t want to take on then you’re in luck, because I actually run an internet marketing agency. I have a team behind me and we help companies like yours scale and grow on a regular basis.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies around the world, increase their revenue, reach more customers and grow their businesses. So if you want help with that, I highly recommend that a call with me we can jump on the phone I can discuss. You know what kind of strategies we can be implementing for your business. We can create a custom plan depending on your goals and how you know what kind of business you have is that a product is that a service business is that a restaurant is a. Is it an AC repair company? So if you want to jump on a call with me, then, head over to EMA dot, evolve media dot agency on that page you’re gonna get access to free local business. Marketing guide, you’re gonna be able to book a call with me and then, with that PDF download marketing guy. That’S completely free you’re gonna also have a video just like this one. It’S like a 45-minute long video, where I talk all about the internet. Marketing strategies that you can be implemented with your business because, yes, outsourcing and hiring other agencies are great, but I highly recommend that you know a little bit about what this is. You know what we’re doing you know which strategies are good, which ones maybe aren’t something that you want to implement right now.

3. Grow a Facebook group

So what a Facebook group is is people inside there you’re creating like a little community. These are a community of people that are very similar to each other. Right so they’re, either all homeowners or they’re all interested in boutiques and women’s clothing or they’re interested in fashion or they’re interested in food right. If you get a restaurant and you sell Mexican food, then you can get a whole bunch of Mexican food. Loving people in that Facebook group and you can be posting pictures of your food you can do little contests giveaways. You can give out coupons all that kind of stuff, but you are building a community of people that are all locals that are going to be consuming. Your content engaging with each other, maybe there’s some outdoor events that are going on, so you can share little events that are going on in the community, but this is a great way to be able to reach people in different ways right, so you have the to Reach them with a Facebook ad. You have the ability to just post in the group and get them to respond and engage with your brand there because all this comes down to is building a relationship. You want to build a large list and an audience of people that know like and trust your brand. They find you credible, they’ve seen multiple pieces of content from you, multiple videos, multiple images and they are very highly likely to recommend their buddy recommend their family over to you, they’re, just they’re fans of your brand. So this is what you want to create with a Facebook group now with the Facebook groups. I highly recommend you post at least three times a week in that group from your Facebook brand page now. Another cool thing about this is that, as people engage with your brand page in that group, you’ll then be able to target them with your ads. It’S very easy to target people who have engaged with your page within the last X amount of days. So in this group, you can also go live. You can shoot a live video if you guys are doing a cool little event and you want to show people in life in real-time and answer questions, and things like that. You can do that. You can build this relationship, it really comes all comes back to being positive, adding value to people showing you can help them by actually helping them first building that relationship and things like that. So a couple of examples of names that you can have for your group is, I would say, put the city or the area, the town that you live in in the title. So I’m here in Orlando, so I would recommend, saying Orlando taco lovers or downtown Orlando foodies right and so, if you’re, a restaurant in downtown Orlando, you can create this group of people that love food and live in the downtown area, as people start to join your Group then, you then have a have an audience of people that are likely customers right and then you can work on converting those people into regular customers that come in weekly and over and over and marketing strategy.

4. Create Lead Magnets

Number four is to create lead magnets. Now, what a lead magnet is, is it it’s a free, digital download, so this can be a guide, a checklist, a cheat sheet, something where you’re giving them value for absolutely free. So what you get in exchange for giving them something for absolutely free. Are you get their contact information, so you can either get them to give you their email address and then you send over access this downloadable guide through email or you send it through messenger, and you can start growing a messenger bot list if you’re familiar with that. But this is another way for you to reach people through email through the Facebook group through Facebook Ads. You want to be able to reach them in multiple places because let’s say that they’re not on Facebook for a week right and they mo are checking their email. Then you can hit them in their email or let’s say that they’re not really big on email, but they check their messenger. You know chatting up with friends and family on a regular basis, so you can send them a message through Facebook messenger. So the lead magnet is basically that little bait that little thing that’s going to get them to subscribe and opt-in to your list so that you can hit them over and over and over at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend to reach them. With a Facebook ad, because Facebook ads cost money and to reach them over and over and over, it’s gonna add up over time. Well, if you can get them on your email list or your messenger subscriber list, then you can reach them for a lot lower cost.

5. Make Facebook Messenger Marketing as a Priority

Now the last marketing strategy for local businesses is to grow a messenger subscriber list. Now I just talked about this, but a lot of people still are not familiar with messenger subscriber lists and it’s because they are brand-new technology. They’Re, pretty new.

I mean to message people through the messenger platform on Facebook. People don’t really know about that right, but I highly recommend you start to learn about this stuff because it is very, very powerful and it is going to be something that is huge in the next five to ten years. Maybe even less than that, you know, email marketing these days is a no-brainer everybody’s, like yeah, you got to do email, marketing, and everybody is getting email marketed too well. Messenger is now this new platform where you can reach people, and you can have a two-way communication channel with them all through the Facebook messenger platform, so with Facebook Messenger. The reason why I recommend it and why it’s better than email is because the engagement rates are like 10 times better than email. Open rates are like 10 to 15 and then click-through rates are like 1 messenger. Open rates are like 75 and click-through rates are like 60 50. You know very high percentages on the opens and the clicks, so I think the reason why is because, when you send out a message, the receiving end is going to have a notification go off on their phone. Their phones gonna make noise their phone’s gonna light up. That’s gonna show them they just get a new message. So that’s one way: that’s one reason why messengers more powerful. Another reason is that there’s no junk folder when you send a message it’s going to their inbox and they will see that they got a new message with the email.

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It could go directly to the junk folder. They wouldn’t even know that they got a message. Also, email is saturated, there are tons of companies out there I mean people are getting probably hundreds of emails on a daily basis and there’s just a lot of competition there with messenger, not that many businesses are doing it yet because it’s branding technology. So I highly recommend you start looking into messenger, maybe create a lead, magnet that you can run as a Facebook ad. You create a video saying: hey I’ve got this really cool guide that you need to get access to just click the button below and I’ll, send it over to you in a message and Facebook Messenger, and then your your your having them see your video you’re running That Facebook, ad and you’re reaching them you’re getting them into your messenger, subscriber list, you’re, giving them value you’re, building that relationship with them and they’re being able to trust you find you credible, find you more familiar! So that’s a little funnel that you can run. That is going to build your list and then down the line. When you want to reach them, you don’t have to pay Facebook as an ad. You can just send them a message and you’re gonna pay a lot less to send them that message and link them over to an event page or link them to a new video that you just shot or link them and give them a coupon code to Come in and get a buy, one get one free, cheeseburger or you know, whatever kind of promo code you’re offering, but messenger is something you should definitely be looking into. So those are the five marketing strategies. I hope you got value from this article.

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