TukTuk Ads in Cambodia

Remok known as TukTuk has become the most popular marketing tool for companies and organizations. They use it to promote their products or services within specific areas or regions. If comparing to Motodop, TukTuk is more convenient for travelers to travel even short or long distance. Here, I want to share with you why most companies or non-profit organizations are using TukTuk for their communication channel.

Remok or Tuk Tuk is a mechanized three-wheeled taxi that can transport you to the city’s many exotic and thrilling delights! But right here in the heart of beautiful Long Island City, New York, our Tuk Tuk is a restaurant that transports you straight to a delicious and relaxing Cambodian dining experience. ‘Motodop‘ means motorbike taxi and it is rare to see only one person on a motorbike as the owner will usually try to find a customer to cut costs and earn a small income. It is a fun way to travel and a must do for every guest!TukTuk Ads in Cambodia | TukTuk Advert in Cambodia

1. Cost Effective

TukTuk advertising costs less if compares to other communication channel. It costs about $14 to $17 per month for banner advertisement. Do you want to rent hundred TukTuk from TukTuk owners? The answer is yes. But it’s hard for you to control or manage your banners whether are taken out or not after you put on TukTuk. If you use agency company that offers TukTuk service, it’s pretty easy for you to manage your banner ads on TukTuk because you would have subcontracted with before renting TukTuk.

2. Targeted Demography

In Cambodia, TukTuk is everywhere in urban area – In the cities or provinces. If your target audiences are in urban area then TukTuk is the best tool for your marketing campaigns as TukTuk actively travels in every street both day and evening time where your customers often expose to your advertisements.

3. Effective and Long Exposure

You can decorate TukTuk to suit with your brand or campaign. Yet, if you want to pain the whole TukTuk to maximize exposure to your company or product’s brand then the price of renting per TukTuk might be a bit higher than the price mentioned above. With TukTuk, you can place your advertising banner at the back or on top roof of TukTuk.

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  1. I would like to know more on Tuk Tuk Advertising.
    How much it will cost, and for how long duration ?
    How many Tuk Tuk will be used for promoting ?

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