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4 Unknown Steps to Create Social Media Marketing Strategies for Any Type of Business

Are you looking for improving your social media strategy? Social Media Marketing Strategy is the backbone of any type of business in today world. Without a strong and clear social marketing strategy, your business will fail behind your competitors as they are faster adapted with latest automation social media marketing tools than you.

Here are 4 summaries of Social Media Marketing Strategy, you consider to incorporate with your digital marketing plan

  • Strategy and tactics
  • Content creation
  • Publishing and promoting
  • Reporting

Plan before you post

69% of the population uses social media, so while you have a lot of opportunity with social, you’ve also got a lot of competition

Step 1: Pick The Best Strategy and Tactics

Define your strategy

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself (and your brand) as an expert in the field.

Brand Awareness

Make sure people know your brand and products.

Lead Generation

Gather leads to fill a sales funnel.

Client Success

Retain and inform your customers

Choose Your Tools


Post a lot of type of contents in many different forms.


Gather and share informative content from across your industry.


Build deep, informative content that you use to structure the rest of your post.


Make friend with influencers in the industry to share and share alike.

Step 2: Content Creation

Creating content for social media can be fast because you will usually share existing content from your blog or multimedia posts. But pay attention that you write good CTAs to get folks to click through.
Basic Steps:

  • 1. Build the content on your publication platform

  • 2. Craft images and multimedia content

  • 3. Build a tracking-ready link

  • 4. Compose a compelling call to action (CTA)

Step 3: Publishing And Promoting

This is the bulk of what you’ll do on social media: post, post again, schedule post, and boost your content.

Track and Measure

Use website analytics tools (Google Analytics) and page tagging short URLs and tracking pixels to attribute your traffic.


Choose your platform based on your business goals, audience, and understanding of the platform’s community.


Use @mentions, #hashtags, DMs and more to find community and engage.


Schedule your posts in advance to batch your SMM tasks. Third-party SMM apps make this easy.

Step 4: Reporting

Go back to your roadmap. Build dashboard based on your strategy type and what you wanted to improve. Drill down into campaigns to view every detail. User automated scheduled reports to stay on top of all your campaigns.

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