Social Media in-Cambodia 2019

Social Media in Cambodia | Digital Cambodia Landscape 2019

Cambodia Population reached 16.48 million in 2019 with GDP expected to grow by 6.7% in 2020

From Cambodia’s largest technology digital convention, Digital Cambodia, to the recent release of Cambodia’s initial tech startup record, Startup Kingdom, all eyes are on Cambodia’s digital overall economy this season in light of the new Industry 4.0!

Here’s an executive summary of digital and social media landscape in Cambodia 2019

Facebook User Growth in Cambodia: Facebook is the top social media with 680000 million users in 2018 and 8800000 million users in 2019, following by YouTube with 1900000 million users in 2019.

The most use Facebook age group is from 15 to 45 years old.

The third popular social media is Instagram with 658300 users in 2018 and 720000 users in 2019.

Other Social Media Platforms:

  • TikTok 500K users in 2019
  • Linkedin 330K user in 2019
  • Twitter 200K in 2019

What Experts Say

‘We have strongly believed that the digital landscape will play an important role in boosting economic growth as almost all types of businesses are going online. Moreover, social media actively supports the education sector far more beyond it was as the young population is going online, the e-learning platform will be needed to supply this huge demand, said Sovann, Founder of Activerify – 1# Local Digital Marketing in Cambodia.”

The year 2019 was a year full of surprises with the success of TikTok in Cambodia and the large evolution of Instagram and YouTube users coupled with the professionalization of influencers. After the announcement of Facebook on the launch of its cryptocurrency Libra for 2020, Cambodia will have an ecosystem very favorable for social selling, Said Yohan Brizolier, Co-founder of Geeks in Cambodia.”

“Engagement is still very strong on Facebook as a way to convey your business, what I see changing is a lot of people doing Facebook Lives and interviews which as a lot of reaches. Facebook is also essential for businesses here because we are selling and building communities and sharing information, we depend so much on Facebook, Said Melanie Mossard, Venture Support Director of Impact Hub.”

“I believe while now there are few main players are taking the leads, more start-ups are taking benefit of the digital growth linking their idea using the digital platform including food delivery, transportation, logistics, and online market. I believe digitalization will make a huge impact on Cambodia’s economic growth and lifestyle for the further generation. Yet we need to ensure that everyone can benefit from this digital growth, particularly people with significant impairment including the deaf and blind as well as individuals with limited education and rural population, said Chanchamnap Sok, Co-founder of Inclusion plus.”

Digital Landscape in Cambodia 2019

Social Media in 2019 | Digital Landscape in Cambodia 2019

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