4 Effective Ways to Get More LinkedIn Connections

Effective Ways to Get More LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn, the social media site for professionals, is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in growing your personal brand or company. Currently, over 756 million people use LinkedIn, with two new professionals joining every second.

The diversity in professionals means you can find business executives looking for premium B2B products and casual consumers looking for new B2C products or services.

You can use LinkedIn to build brand awareness, drive more traffic back to your site, and boost engagement, just to name a few of the benefits. The thing is, growing your profile and audience takes time and strategic marketing.

Our goal today is to show you four effective strategies you can use to get more LinkedIn connections. We will cover optimizing your profile, driving website traffic to your LinkedIn account, and much more.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Optimize Your Profile for Searchability

First, let’s talk about how you can optimize your profile to get more connections. Your profile and business page are both searchable on LinkedIn. If you want more people to find your page, include industry-specific keywords strategically throughout your profile.

Your tagline, bio, and job experience section should include words potential customers might type into the LinkedIn search bar. For instance, if your business specializes in accounting, you would want to use the term “accounting services” throughout your profile to draw in more potential customers.

If your page is optimized for relevant keywords, you’ll see more visitors land on your profile, engage with your content, and click connect.

We also suggest using a branded profile picture and banner. When consumers see your company image and color scheme in the search results, they are more likely to recognize your brand in the future. Studies show people remember 65% of visual content, even three days after they see it. If you want potential followers to take the next step and connect or visit your website, eye-catching visuals are a must.

Add a Follow Button to Your Website

Odds are, you have a website where you sell your product or service and host a company blog. You can dramatically grow your LinkedIn connections by including a follow button on your website.

The best place to include a follow button is on your sidebar. When visitors are reading your content or otherwise engaging with your site, they will see an option to quickly follow your company on LinkedIn.

If you want to maximize your conversions, you must give visitors a reason to follow you. You’ll want to write high-quality content that directly addresses the needs and pain points of your audience.

When someone has a question and finds your site for the first time, they are looking for an answer. Offer actionable advice and a clear solution, and many people will follow you because you proved that you’re knowledgeable and professional.

Share Your Best Content

Speaking of content marketing, let’s talk about how you can share your blog posts and visuals to get more engagement on LinkedIn. Many people use LinkedIn for information and education. If your posts teach an industry-specific skill, provide statistics, or offer a solution to visitors, people are more likely to engage with your posts.

When you consider that 56% of people use social media sites for shopping inspiration, it’s easy to see how sharing in-house solutions to common industry problems can help your business grow. But getting more sales is only one piece of the puzzle.

You have to get visitors to share and comment on your post if you want to expand your reach. We recommend incentivizing visitors by hosting giveaways and special promotions to new followers. Use these strategies to get new connections to share their posts on your network, which leads to more visibility and user interactions.

It’s also essential to include plenty of visual content on your profile. Sharing value-packed infographics and videos will lead to more people interacting with your LinkedIn page. Including videos in your content marketing strategy can help you do more than grow your social presence. Research shows that video content is 50x more likely to drive users to a website when compared to text-only posts!

Get Involved in Industry-Specific Communities

Finally, let’s talk about how you can get involved in various industry-specific communities and grow your LinkedIn presence. LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Groups that allow business owners, tech leaders, and marketers from the same industry to talk and collaborate in a group forum.

You should get involved in communities where your product, service, or skills are helpful. Share helpful content, talk to other members, and get involved in the community.

Before long, other members will start to recognize you when you create a new post or comment on a video. The result is more people find your profile page, which leads to more valuable connections.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t go in and demand that everyone check out your product page. Instead, get to know the other members and offer curated content that resolves specific questions or issues.

Back to You

LinkedIn is more popular now than ever before, especially when you consider the dramatic shift to the remote workforce last year. We expect to see professionals use LinkedIn to connect with other business owners, show off their products and services, and grow their business.

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