The Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

In a world where people pay money just to escape ads, content marketing allows you to connect with prospects organically.

If you’ve dabbled in it, you’re one of those who might have begun creating content and posting regularly on your blog.

Soon enough, you may begin noticing a few changes.

People are starting to engage with you.

You’re seeing growth.

But it’s not what you expected.

You expected to soar like other brands using content marketing, but instead, you’re stuck with mediocre ROI.

You’re spinning your wheels.

If this is you, you need to get clear on one thing:

Content marketing alone isn’t enough to build a powerful brand and real ROI.

You also need a content strategy.

How Are Content Marketing & Content Strategy Different?

Content marketing and content strategy complement one another perfectly.

But they’re not similar things.

Here’s why is different.

WHAT’S Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Cambodia

Content Marketing Cambodia

Content marketing is simply the creation, publishing, and distribution of great content.

It works because it doesn’t directly sell a product or service.

For instance, look at this post from The Tony Robbins Blog:

As the title suggests, this blog is approximately strengthening relationships through learning how to apologize.

Taken by itself, the content doesn’t promote any service.

It’s simply a thoughtful, value-rich guideline for people struggling with saying sorry.

This is an example of powerful content marketing.

Since the blog belongs to Tony Robbins’ website, it builds trust in readers and brings them closer to hiring Tony Robbins as their life or business coach.

Here are other resources you could find on the website:

As a whole, content marketing is organic marketing.

It involves giving value to people so they recognize your brand as a trustworthy solution to their needs and desires.

What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy, on the other hand, is the foundation on which successful content marketing is built.

Think of it as a map. If content marketing is the journey toward brand success, content strategy is the blueprint that directs it.

So, how does the content strategy work?

1. Content Strategy Answers the Question ‘Why’ You’re Publishing Content

Every piece of content you publish should be centered around a goal. And content strategy helps you determine exactly what your goal is.

For instance, you write a lead magnet to grow the size of your email list. You compose emails to gain clicks to your website. You write blog posts to establish authority in your industry.

All these pieces of content are created at the right time, set before the right audience, and then measured for success.

See how content strategy works?

With the right strategy in place, you’ll never again create a random piece of content that doesn’t get you closer to your content marketing goals.

2. Content Strategy Determines Who You’re Reaching with Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

Part of content strategy is finding out exactly who your audience is.

Imagine writing a letter to no one in particular.

No matter how beautiful the words you utilize are, your letter will absence true feeling and substance.

However, writing to someone you understand deeply can make your phrases and paragraphs stand out.

Also, because you understand who this person is, guess what happens he wants or must-hear.

Below are a few tips for implementing your content strategy to get hold of your audience.

3. Content Strategy IS APPROXIMATELY Deciding THE TYPE of Content You’ll Publish

There’s a huge amount of different types of content you may publish online.

There are blogs, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, and social media messages.

What’s more, you can publish long or brief content.

You can publish content on your own website, on social media, or as a guest blogger on another influencer’s site.

Content strategy is going for a deep consider your brand’s requirements and goals.

It’s finding out just what kind of articles you will need, where you should promote it, and establishing a timetable to create and publish it.

4. Content Strategy IS APPROXIMATELY Deciding WHO’LL Create Your Content

If your company is small, you may have to write all of your content yourself initially.

However, it doesn’t need to be like this forever.

As you grow, you may set a cover high-quality content.

You can hire professional writers to keep your articles flowing steadily.

You can hire a content manager to assist you together with your content calendar.

A content strategist can be a fantastic addition to your group.

5. Content Strategy Is Establishing Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Success

As you pursue your content marketing goals, it’s vital that you be familiar with how well each little bit of articles you publish does.

For example:

Content strategy can help you solution these queries because as you focus on your strategy, you develop metrics to determine content success.

A few of these include bounce rate, period on a webpage, and scroll depth.

Why Content Strategy Matters?

Content partnership

Content partnership

Content marketing is great, but without articles strategy, it’s like heading on a trip without a set destination.

Without the proper strategy set up, you’ll waste precious time and energy writing content that’ll only get you mediocre ROI.

However, when you use content strategy as the foundation and blueprint of your content marketing efforts, you’ll see amazing results.

Every piece of content you create will be a well-chiseled puzzle piece that helps craft your brand’s story and message.

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