Garden City Waterpark in Phnom Penh

$ 55 million Garden City Waterpark is set to open this August

LYP Group invested more than $ 55 million, developing Garden City Waterpark near the Win-Win Monument, is set to officially open on August 17, which will be Cambodia’s largest and largest international water park.

The project was invested by LYP Group, but was built by British company White Water Group on an area of about six hectares in the new Garden City area, the same location as Phnom Penh Sapphire

According to LYP Group, the water park features major attractions such as the artificial sea, three and a half meters of waterfalls, beautiful artificial mountain waterfalls, high tide, toys, hot springs and more. Garden City Water Park is the second name after Angkor Water Park, which the company announced before starting construction in 2018

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