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Marketing tactics will be the tactical actions that direct the promotion of a product or service to influence specific marketing goals. If you are running a business in Cambodia, you have to know your competitors are doing on their marketing tactics or marketing strategy. This way gives advantages to your marketing plan and strategy so that your business can survive in this competitive market. Here are some marketing tactics using by prominent companies ranging from telco company to online retails shopping.

Marketing Tactics from Smart Cambodia

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd., Cambodia presents itself as a leading mobile telecommunications operator in Cambodia with currently serving 8 million subscribers under the ‘Smart’ brand. It introduced first network 4G LTE internet to get work in 2014 and 4G+ in 2016. Following that Smart has been promoting its business with different promotional tactics with brands as diverse as Universal Music, Apple, Facebook and iflix, as well as digital services including SmartLuy, Smart Insurance, SmartPay, Smart Music and SmartNas. Smart aspires to become Cambodia’s Digital Champion, while playing an active role in socio-economic growth. Smart employs up to 1000 local and foreign employees.

Marketing Tactics Team Meeting Cambodia

Marketing Tactics Team Meeting Cambodia

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Here is the smart marketing tactic that you can use in your business:

Smart uses a tactic of sale promotion (known as “ThomMorng” means “Very Big) in English) provoking its target customers to talk, connect, and have long fun together talking on the phone within the network, using internet to access social media such as Facebook, YouTube, ….etc via the Smart ThomMorng plan. In this marketing tactic, Smart offers an exclusive rate of exchange which $1 can exchange for $333. However, this subscription is valid for only one week. What does this mean? It means that if customers use $1 to make calls, send a text message, and use internet for social media, the $1 credit balance is not enough; therefore, Smart learns that oh…. This is something that we can work out to attract more customers and use our smart subscription services. Then Smart “ThomMorng” was released.

From the customer’s perspectives, they feel that oh.. I can exchange from $1 to $333. This is amazing even the subscription validity is only one week. Therefore, each customer is ready to pay at least $1 per month for Smart’s ThomMorng plan which makes Smart increases its revenue skyrocketing.

This plan offers an exclusive subscription as below:

Marketing Tactics from MetFone Cambodia

MetFone at first glance –  MetFone presents itself as a leading mobile operator in Cambodia. Operated in Cambodian since 2009 under the brand name of Viettel (Cambodia) PTE. LTD. It’s considered as one of the world’s fastest-growing telecom operators, Viettel Group. According to GSMA Wireless Intelligence. Metfone offers extensive mobile operation and internet services – 3G and 4G LTE. Employed up to 2000 employees.

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Here’s the marketing tactic that you can use to incorporate in your business.

MetFone also offers a lot of bonuses and subscription plans to attract their customers to pay them daily, weekly and monthly. However, we pick only one subscription plan which is amazed its customers the most is “Supper Exchange” plan.

What does this marketing tactic mean? Well, you have $1 which can exchange for $150 which valid for one week. Is this sound interesting? If comparing to Smart’s ThomMorng plan, Metfone’s Supper Exchange is less more than double benefits that you will get, however; why people still use that subscription? The ultimate reason is that for those who are using Metfone’s service they have to use that subscription because they have a lot of connections with their friends, family, and collogue who are using the same network. They have no option better than that available out there.

This plan offers an exclusive subscription as below:

No Super-Exchange To Exchange Exchange for
friend’s number
Validity Check Balance Cancel Service
1 1$ = 150$ (non-auto-renew) *6236*100# *6236*Phone Number*100# 7Days *6236*097# N/A
2 1$ = 150$ (auto-renew) *6236*100*1# N/A *6236*0#
3 2$ = 300$ (non-auto-renew) ____ *6236*200# *6236*Phone Number*200# 14Days N/A
4 2$ = 300$ (auto-renew)___ *6236*200*1# N/A *6236*0#

Marketing Tactics from Online shopping – Little Fashion Cambodia

Little Fashion Cambodia was established in late 2010.  The business nature is to sell online apparel, footwear, bags, accessories, or beauty products to young adult and youth in Cambodia. It becomes a popular online shopping platform among modern youth. The business is growing over time which allows Little Fashion opens new fashion shops across the country. Its website is known as where they can drive traffic to the booth online and offline stores easily from other social media pages.

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Here are the marketing tactics Little Fashion use to promote their products:

Little Fashion hires beautiful customer service staff, sale staff to sell their products on social media particularly Facebook (Little Fashion Facebook page currently has a million likes and followers). Those young beautiful ladies are trained to be fashionistas, and Facebook lives presenter. They start Facebook live in a prime time where young people are likely to access Facebook. Those pretty sales representatives wear clothes, shoes, jewelry and many other products on the show during Facebook live, attracting many many of their Facebook fans to jump in the Facebook lives. Their customers see real people are wearing nice looking  products suited with body, they tend to order those products immediately during the Facebook lives. They do this every day. Can you imagine how much they make money every day with their over million fans on Facebook alone? They have been using these marketing tactics for years while other competitors might not notice. Now you know this marketing tactic, you will then can use it to incorporate in your marketing plan.

Check out the sample of Facebook Live hosted by Little Fashion

At Activerify, our team is always observing and looking for marketing tactics and marketing strategies of local and international companies operating in Cambodia. This way allows us to access the modern and trendy marketing strategies practice in Cambodia which we can use to incorporate in our digital marketing plans for our clients. Our clients are always amazed by our local experts who only introduce marketing tactics and strategies that work for them.

Digital Marketing Office in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Digital Marketing Office in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Lastly, let us know if you want us to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business. Contact us here!

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