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11 Best Digital Marketing Channels You Can Use to Reach Out to Customers in Cambodia

Modern marketing is known as digital marketing has become the main source of sales traffics for most businesses. Cambodia is one of the potentials and strategic locations for business and tourism has recently grown in using social media, social networks, and digital marketing for business and daily life communications among people which included employees and employers. Here are top 11 digital marketing channels you can use to reach out to your customers in Cambodia:

1. Facebook

Facebook in Cambodia firstly came available using in 2008 since then it becomes the most popular social network among Cambodian young people. It becomes the major tool for Cambodians to connect, inspire, and engage with friends, families, colleagues, and other people. Every day, they spend at least one hour a day to check Facebook via their smartphone, laptop or desktop for news, chatting with friends & families, and others. While technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate, work, and operate a business, even a small cloth shop has at least a Facebook page in order to use it to promote their clothes.

In 2018, the Facebook user in Cambodia has dramatically increased to 6.8 million users.

The most popular contents, Cambodian people consume, are entertainment and inspirational videos and news.

Facebook makes money by displaying ads to users. To reach out to your customers is now toughed. You cannot rely on posting regular content on your Facebook page to get sales. To reach out to target audiences, you need to run a Facebook ad.

2. YouTube

YouTube is only the best video platform that is likely to replace traditional TV. YouTube becomes a modern TV where Cambodian people watch videos every day. YouTube is the second top digital channel where Cambodian people access tutorials, songs & music, and learn things.

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Posting videos to your YouTube channel consistently can help you boost organic traffics to your website. This may take time for the YouTube algorithm to analyze your channel to be able to check whether or not your videos are loved by people in order to get it rank on top of YouTube or Google search. However, if you want to get instant traffics to your funnel, you need to run YouTube Ads. If you don’t know or don’t have time to manage the YouTube ad campaign, you might need to look for a local digital marketing agency to work for you.

3. Instagram

Digital Marketing Cambodia

Digital Marketing Cambodia

Instagram a photo-based app where young Cambodian are likely to post and share their photos with friends for fun. The mean reasons why they go there is because Instagram is owned by and integrated with Facebook, Facebook promoted it regularly to attract their friends to use Instagram. Sooner or later, Instagram becomes popular for those young people. To reach out to your customers in Instagram, it is pretty easy, just run ads via Facebook.

4. Social Media Influencer

Social Media influencers are people who raise fame or reputation through their talent and creative work on social media. They like talking about social issues, businesses, and fun stuff on social media. Through regular content, they could reach out to a million people in a period of time via social media. Promoting your business by using social media influencers is considered a good experiment for your marketing campaign if you want to build awareness or generate leads for your products or services.

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5. Your Website

Website is a channel where customers can search for information, instructions, tutorials, social proofs, forums, and more. Most businesses in Cambodia have at least a branded website for their company. Landing page: Having an engaging and interactive landing page is very important for your business. Landing helps you to capture leads if you optimize it well with a clear call to action, social proof, testimonials, and contacts.

6. Local Directory Websites

List your website in local directory websites such as yellow page, Khme24, business-directory, job portal sites are great for Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of your potential customers or partners search for your company or your products or services every day. If your company is not shown up on the Google search result, you are likely to leave your customers to your competitors.

7. Linkedin

With the new feature releases, Linkedin becomes a popular BB business network for the global market. Cambodian professionals use Linkedin to seek for professional job opportunities, connecting with foreign professionals for business discussions, and selling their products or services. Setting up a professional LinkedIn page for your business is important to present your business to people who are decision-makers.

8. Local Website Ad placement

Local news website (both English and Khmer language websites), local business directory websites, online marketplace websites, and job portal websites are placed where your customers spend their time reading news, search for leads, buy products, and look for a job.  Placing your ads there is worth spending your budget to reach out to target customers.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead yet. Internet marketers or most businesses in Cambodia still use email to inform, connect, educate and inspire their customers to new products or services or promotions. Most educated employees and employers or businessmen are using email as an official medium for their communication at work. Hence, email is still an effective marketing tool to use in order to reach out to prospects.

10. SMS Marketing

All of the telecommunication companies reach out to their mobile phone subscribers via SMS. While most people are using smartphones for their communications, sending short promotional messages to customers is considered a better way to generate more sales.

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11. Content Marketing & PR

Get your content marketing or PR (press release) posted in local online newspapers is a better way to communicate your messages to your customers. When your customers see your products or services feature in any local newspaper, making them feel that your company is a legitimate company that they can trust. This way you can build trust and reputation for your company in an appropriate way.

Best Digital Marketing Channels in Cambodia

Best Digital Marketing Channels in Cambodia

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