His Excellency Hong Sochua, CEO of the Cambodia Securities Exchange

Why do business owners consider raising funds rather than making profits?

“Business owners should start thinking more about doing modern business, especially to think about However, the value of the company or business to increase gradually, rather than thinking only of profits. Remarks by His Excellency Hong Sochua, CEO of the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) on The Executive Talks 2020 under the theme “Growth Opportunities in the Sector” Agro-Commerceā€¯ in the past.

On that occasion, His Excellency encouraged all business owners not only to seek profit but to seek opportunities Increase the value of your company or business by turning to modern business ventures such as Raise Fund Originally, because when a company Raise Fund is good and many times, the price of that company will increase gradually by the next day. It could be worth billions of dollars.

His Excellency continued that when the company has a higher value when the business owner needs money to use is not necessary save money gradually for that, but they can sell the company’s shares at once, for example, the billionaire Bill Gates. When he needed money, he sold only 0.01% of the shares and got back hundreds of millions of dollars to use.

The CEO of the Cambodia Securities Exchange also stated that for businesses and companies that are just starting up (Startup) in the market. Not yet listed on the stock exchange, as start-ups are at high risk. 10 is up to 5 companies that go bankrupt in 2 years.

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