YouTube Marketing Online Course in Cambodia

YouTube Marketing Training Course in Cambodia

Number of YouTube Content Producers is growing everyday in Cambodia.

Nowadays, YouTube marketing is growing at an exponential rate over the globe, especially in Cambodia mainly due to its accessibility. We watch videos on our mobile devices, computers, and TVs. According to GlobalStats, 17.71% of Cambodians use YouTube daily and as a result, from November 2022 onwards, YouTube has officially launched the ”YouTube Partner Program” in Cambodia, which allows Cambodian YouTube content producers to earn money and access opportunities.

You may be unsure about the kind of video to make, how to be found, and even where to start. But if you want to start YouTube marketing for your business or maybe for yourself, and found the above answer, this article is for you. 

In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about YouTube, tips and tricks, and where you should get started. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Choosing your YouTube marketing strategy

Make videos that your audience wants to watch if you want them to be watched; otherwise, they won’t. Of course, you could just run ads and present anything to the public. However, you need to create content if you want to get found on YouTube and if you want to have a long-term, viable approach. So, consider these questions. What kinds of videos are popular with your audience? What videos would they watch if they weren’t obliged to watch them? How can you make your videos more valuable? We can usually offer three different kinds of value to our videos. The first is learning. Give your viewers some knowledge. Then comes entertainment, and finally, feeling. Evoke their emotions. Make sure you give each of your videos at least one of these three types of value.

Setting up your YouTube channel

There are two different types of YouTube channels. First, you can create a channel using your profile, just as with regular YouTube channels. The second type is what is known as brand channels. Make sure to create one of these brand channels because if you don’t, you won’t have the option to grant employees and other channel contributors access to your channel. Therefore, that is a very crucial factor. 

There are a few design components that each channel needs to have. That serves as both your channel image and profile photo. You typically want to have custom thumbnails on your video and also the video intro that shows the logo of the brand. Of course, there are a variety of additional design components, particularly in your videos. But typically, these are the primary ones. You must be consistent with this, which is a vital aspect. Make sure your brand is represented in each and every one of them. You should be able to see a clear image that you can read or identify in each and every section of your channel. 

So let’s explore each of the elements that you require in more detail. First, for your profile image, you should often use your company’s logo. You must ensure that it is visible, even if your profile image is really small, as it will be in comments and other places on YouTube. Additionally, make sure the background isn’t white and that it is recognizable. Therefore, it doesn’t simply vanish from the YouTube page; it may still be seen.

Because various aspects of the channel image are displayed on various devices, it is a little bit difficult. However, there are templates available online that can assist you in making sure that your channel image functions flawlessly. You should communicate the most crucial details about your brand in it. What does it concern? What should viewers anticipate from your channel?

One of the most crucial elements of your channel is the thumbnail. Of course, each and every video needs to have its own thumbnail. And a thorough description of the video is required. It should be noticeable and promote your video. It’s sort of the poster for your videos. It must guarantee that users click on it. Moreover, your thumbnail should be consistent. So be sure to create a template that serves as a style for your thumbnails.

Last but not least, there’s the intro video that you use for branding your videos. The most crucial aspect of these intros in video editing, other from include your logo and some music, is to make them short. As a general rule, try to keep them under seven seconds. Make short introductions instead of lengthy ones like you see on TV where they took ages just to reveal. Keep them short because if they are too long, viewers will stop watching or they will lose interest.

It starts from ZERO.

Getting your first YouTube subscribers

You created your channel and posted high-quality videos that give value to your audiences. But nobody seems to give a damn. One of the biggest hurdles for brands on YouTube is typically getting their initial subscribers. If you only have a small number of subscribers, it might appear quite unprofessional, especially if you have a big brand. What then can we do?

Step 1, utilize the social media you already have. If you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even a newsletter or blog, try to direct your current audience to your YouTube channel. The likelihood that these people will follow YouTube is extremely high if they already follow you on another social media platform and you add additional value there.

Step 2, collaborate with other channels. You might know someone who has a larger audience than you. Can you pay influencers to work with you on a project? These could be some steps you use to attract your first external subscribers.

Step 3, another strategy that you’ll employ over the long term on YouTube. Leverage one of the two types of organic traffic that we have on YouTube. On your home page, in addition to other videos and other content, we’ve got suggested traffic. Also, we’ve got search when people search for something on YouTube .

After all, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, after Google. These two traffic sources must nearly always be combined. But first, we would typically concentrate on search because you can more easily acquire your first views from search because you can better target it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the term in the discussion. You should optimize your videos such that they show up below the most popular ones for any possible search terms your audience may use. This is crucial since you must first identify the search terms used by your target audience.


These are just tips and tricks that we handpicked to get first started on YouTube. Don’t be scared to challenge yourself and explore new ways as you may suit. Hope this article helps you to get ready! 

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