how to write a video script

How To Write A Video Script That Converts

Before we look at how to set out your script let’s consider a couple of things:

Reading a script at a regular ‘talking speed’ means about 150 words per 1 minute of video. So, a 600-word script would equate to a 4-minute video which is a good length if you want to keep your viewers’ attention all the way through.

You can use a free tool like Text Mechanic to quickly check how many words there are in your script, Just copy and paste and it will tell you how many words, lines, etc.

The next thing to remember is to make sure to include your targeted ‘search term’ at the beginning, middle and end of your script and some related search terms too. This will seriously improve your video SEO as your search term will show up in your ‘Closed Captions’ files.

OK, so let’s start building your script…

1. The Hook

how to write a video script

how to write a video script

This is the most important part of your script and of your video.

The hook should be like a newspaper headline. It needs to be catchy, it should grab people’s attention so that they want to keep watching the video.

You have just a few seconds to convince your viewers to stick around before they click next or scroll down to another video.

So definitely spend more time on putting together a good script for the hook.

It needs to be attention-grabbing and to the point!

There can be some fluff in the main body of the video, or things might not be 100% spot-on during the video (even though you should aim at making the full video as good as you can), but the hook needs to do what it says: ‘hook’ the viewers’ attention

A good hook should do the following:

  • Tell the viewer what the video is about
  • Convince them that the video will answer/solve their question/problem
  • Make them want to watch until the end (because of an incentive even if it’s just part of the solution to their problem)

2. The Intro

 This one is an optional step and you can skip it if you want to keep your videos shorter.

In the intro, you basically tell people your name, who you are and what you do as well as a few key things about your business or why you are qualified to solve their problem. Maybe you once had their problem and ‘pain points’ too.

Moreover, if you do have an intro, you should always give the viewers a ‘heads up’ as to why the topic you are covering is so important to them.

Keep it super short though, as most people clicked on the video to get an answer to a question, not to hear your bio. which is why ‘The Hook’ comes first. The video is about THEM and not YOU!

If they really like you, they can go and find out more about you by checking out your website (in the description). So, don’t force them to watch an intro section which is more than 10-15 seconds long.

In the intro, you can also include a call to action section. Meaning that you can already tell people to make sure they subscribe, like, share or leave comments if they want their other related questions answered in your next video. Or click the first link in your description which takes them to your Blog Post, Optin Page whatever.

It’s a well-known fact that viewership retention rates drop a lot towards the end of a video, so why not have your call to action early on when there are more people watching?

The Intro is also a great place to add a couple of branding elements and reconfirm to the viewers that they have clicked on the right video and they are going to get the answer they are looking for.

3. The Body

how to write a video script that converts sales

how to write a video script that converts sales

 This is the main section of your video.

Here you actually tell the people what they came to listen to. Here you answer their question or offer a solution to a problem.

You should draft your video script so that you say things in an organized, easy to understand manner. Make sure you put your ideas on paper in the right order.

  • Bullet Points…
  • …are useful

Speak slowly and try to be as concise as you can with everything.

Don’t use long phrases and fancy words that make you look like you are talking above people’s heads! Not all your viewers are as smart as you!

Viewers will pick that up right away and they will click on to the next video. Nobody likes being patronized or preached to.

Draft your script as if you were having a conversation with a friend. Use words such as “you” instead of “we”. This makes the video seem more like a conversation.

It might sound ‘silly’ but if you smile while reading your script it will sound friendlier!

You can repeat the ‘problem’ they want a solution for – even magnify the problem with extra ‘pain points’ before you offer your solution in your ‘Call To Action’ ( below).

Use examples whenever you can, to simplify things. If you are talking about a complicated topic try to add visuals or even do an explainer video to make that concept easier to understand.

4. The Call To Action

Many of your viewers, even if they really enjoyed your video, will simply forget to subscribe to your channel, like your video, or take whatever action you want them to take.


So this is where you remind them to do what you want. If they are still watching that means they found the video interesting and they will be very likely to take the desired action.

If you don’t include a call to action, they will just jump over to the next video and you will have lost them forever.

So those are the 4 sections that you should include in all your video scripts.

For longer video scripts you might want to add a ‘pattern interrupt’ to keep their attention. That could be an image, a noise, a change of tone in your voice. Remember those boring teachers when you were at school who just ‘droned’ on and you struggled to pay attention? Don’t be like them!

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