How to Improve Your Business’s Visibility on Google

How to Improve Your Business’s Visibility on Google

How to Improve Your Business’s Visibility on Google: A Quick Guide to Getting Results Sooner

As a business owner, you likely keep a close eye on where your site lands on Google search results pages. And you probably wish it came up higher.

Statistics tell us that 67.6% of all the clicks on SERPs go to the first five results on the first page [*]. 

Getting your brand to this level will score more organic traffic, your ads will perform better, and you’ll boost sales by building your customer base. 

So what’s the best way to improve Google visibility as an eCommerce merchant?

By taking a proactive approach to your Google Seller Rating.

Many brands are unaware that they can improve their Google Seller Rating without waiting for this extension to (hopefully) pick up their latest reviews.

That’s why we’re diving into everything you need to optimize your Google Seller Rating for success — and why it pays to work on this.

How to Build Brand Visibility on Google

What You Need to Know About Your Google Seller Rating

The Google Seller Rating is an extension that automatically displays your brand’s reviews and customer service score (on a five-star scale) in search results.

You’ve likely seen it in action before but may not have realized what it was. So here’s what one looks like out in the wild SERPs:

When someone types in popular tea brand Harney & Sons, they’ll see their Google Seller Rating within their paid ads. 

Why Should You Care About Your Google Seller Rating?

Having a high Google Seller Rating is game-changing for eCommerce businesses.

It’s the difference between getting lost in search results versus proudly showing up in the first slot. 

Harney & Sons consistently ranks in the top three results for fine tea thanks to their impressive 4.9-star Google Seller Rating (based on a whopping 6,225 reviews!).

But high search results aren’t the only perk of a stellar Google Seller Rating. Improve this number, and your brand will also:

Drive Traffic To Your Site and Boost Brand Awareness

By hanging out at the top of the SERPs, people who don’t even know that your brand exists will start to take notice. 

The first time they see your brand, they’ll be curious. They’ll be more familiar with it the second time and likely check out your wares. The third time? You might finally earn a sale.

Boosting your brand awareness and driving this traffic to your site may help you capture lifelong customers.

Improve Your Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Google support says having seller ratings in your text ads can raise your CTR by 10% [*]. Why does this work so well?

Because shoppers are more likely to click on companies they find transparent, trustworthy, and used by others. 

Posting your customer review score and Google Seller Rating adds instant credibility for people new to your brand. 

This gives them the confidence to check out your store, scope out more product reviews, and maybe even sign up for your emails or loyalty program

Boost Ad Campaign ROI

High CTRs mean your ads will also perform better.

When Google sees that you’re helping more people, they’ll return the favor by continuing to show your ads to the right audience. And, chances are, these shoppers turn into customers.

This improves and raises your quality score, which can lead to your ads being displayed higher in searches while lowering your cost-per-click. Better ROIs are soon to follow.

Build Stronger Social Proof

Social proof is the phenomenon that people are more likely to take action if they see someone else doing so.

Improving your Google Seller Rating automatically helps your brand build stronger social proof. 

The more new shoppers see that your existing customers love your brand, the quicker they’ll be able to trust your company and make a purchase. Less time spent hesitating leads to shorter times to purchase and more conversions.

How to Improve Your Google Seller Rating and Get The Most Out of It

You could sit around and wait for your Google Seller Rating to pick up, but that could take several weeks or months to get going (if it even happens at all).

A more effective strategy? Use our top-rated review management tool to take a proactive approach to improving your business’ Google Seller Rating.

Our software will help your brand:

Put Review Generation On Autopilot

Our software sends automated emails to your customers shortly after they’ve made a purchase to ask them for a review.

You no longer have to chase down customers and beg for a review every time someone buys from you. Our software does the heavy lifting for you.

Increase Customer Reviews

Our automated review collection emails allow customers to complete their review right in the same request email.

They don’t have to click a link to navigate elsewhere or sign in to a different app; they can simply leave their feedback and get on with their day. 

Most customers happily leave reviews this way because it’s so quick and easy. And your brand can leverage them for success.

Catch Google’s Attention

Once your reviews are collected, our integration with Google Seller and Product Reviews automatically pushes your reviews to your Google listings.

Plus, you can customize the review widget that lives on your site, so it seamlessly matches your brand’s aesthetic and delights shoppers.

Bonus: Incentivize Reviews and Referrals with a Loyalty & Rewards Program

Pairing your review management software with a loyalty and rewards program creates a feedback loop that increases the volume of reviews collected and keeps customers around for longer.

With our customer loyalty software, your shoppers can create accounts and start earning points for actions like leaving a review or referring your brand to a friend. 

Their points can then be redeemed for perks like free shipping or a discount on their next order, which both encourage repeat purchases. And those purchases equal more revenue and more impeccable reviews for your brand.

All this helps your business catapult its Google Seller Rating and visibility. Even better news? You can reach these goals without much effort.

Get Started with Stamped To Improve Your Google Seller Rating Today

There’s no better time than now to start working on your Google Seller Rating. And there’s no better way to do so than by using our top-rated review management tool. 

It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly effective. But don’t take our word for it.

Get started on your free 14-day trial to see for yourself. You just have to follow these five simple steps:

It just takes five quick steps to switch your review generation on autopilot and reap all the benefits we mentioned today.

Once you give our software a try and automate your review generation process, you’ll never go back to the old way of manual collection. And you’ll improve your Google Seller Rating and visibility at the same time.

Imagine where your business could be that kind of efficiency! Probably a lot higher in SERPs and a lot more profitable.

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