Coworking Space in Cambodia

Coworking Space Trends: Coworking Space in Cambodia

Coworking Space in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Coworking Space Trends:  Coworking Space in Cambodia


A co-working space is an office or co-working space that is made up of many companies. It provides a lot of convenience and benefits to business owners of all shapes and sizes, which is growing rapidly in Cambodia.

Recently, it seems to be a growing of coworking space development in Cambodia. One of the coworking space owners in Phnom Penh said that “I have been recently investing in a joint coworking space development project as the market demand is growing.” He stressed that coworking space is beneficial to both new startup business and any type of businesses which are looking for saving cost of expense and convenience in operating a business. Here are some benefits of renting a coworking space:

1. Flexibility for new business start-ups and students

Business owners can rent this co-working space for hours, days, months, years, etc., which is also a good advantage of co-working space can simplify new business start-ups. In addition, students can also rent co-working space for self-study, school work, team work or small project work with friends, etc., which we can say that it is a friendly environment and it is more convenient.

2. Save money

A co-working space offers a wide range of free services such as plumbing, air conditioning, internet, it makes it easy for business owners not to get tired of paying these fees. In addition, renting a coworking space can solve many inconvenient problems such as office sanitation, hiring cleaners, buying insurance services, renting an expensive office building and other complicated issues, along with ensuring security, etc.,. These are the reasons why business owners can save their resources by operating their business or work in a co-working space. In addition, the common office type is carefully designed to provide convenience, good environment, good health, good feeling for staff to be comfortable in performing their good work.

3. Build relationships or Network with business partners

Because this joint office or coworking space is limited to many companies such as real estate companies, technology companies and businesses. It makes it easy for business owners to communicate with each other, build friendships and business partnerships without having to leave the door. It will be easier for them all to find partners because a group of business owners or professionals come together in one place, which makes the process of managing a project easy.

Today, there are many coworking space in Phnom Penh, to name a few such as The Desk Co-Working Space, Metzcamp, OMO Hub, SmallWorld, Co-working Today,..etc.

According to the Global Coworking Growth Study, the global co-working space is projected to reach more than 20,000 by the end of 2020. Work for about 3 million people. They expect that in the next two to three years, there will be a doubling of co-working space worldwide.

Co-working office space with desk in Phnom Penh
Co-working office space with desk in Phnom Penh
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