Alcohol ads in Cambodia

Can you advertise alcohol on Google in Cambodia?

Google restricts the promotion of alcoholic beverages, but don’t worry! You can still promote drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages. When promoting these drinks, you must not violate any applicable laws or industry standards for any location or country that you target.

You’ll be able to find alcohol-related advertising in Google. Just remember that Google doesn’t allow certain kinds of advertising, so make sure you’re following local alcohol laws and industry standards. You can now run alcohol ads on your videos if they follow the following policies: don’t target minors, only target countries that are explicitly allowed to show alcohol ads, and don’t promote under-age drinking.

You might not know this, but advertising alcohol is legal in Cambodia! You can now see alcohol ads all over the Kingdom, on TV, radio, billboards and even at restaurants! If you visit the local news or business websites in Cambodia, you will see that alcohol advertising is completely legal. It’s not just on TV either; banner ads are littered all over the place!

Google has finally updated its rules to include alcohol ads! Now you can advertise your business, and get all the benefits of Google advertising, while promoting the sale of alcoholic beverages.

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However, if you have never experience in advertising alcohol on Google in Cambodia, you might be struggling in getting you ads approved before you can run ads.

How can you get your Alcohol ads in Cambodia approved by Google?

You only have to look for any local or international digital marketing agency that has extensive experience in advertising Alcohol or another similar brands’ products in order to find the perfect one for your Cambodian customers. Not many digital marketing agencies those can support you much to get your google ads up running.

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Can you advertise alcohol on Google in Cambodia

Can you advertise alcohol on Google in Cambodia?

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