Cambodia women in tech 2020

Cambodia Women In Tech Awards 2020

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announced today that the candidacy for the 2020 Women of Technology Award is open today. The awards program is designed to recognize all women in technology who are accomplishing new work by creating innovative technology companies and experiences. Through this program, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has organized the third-year awards to encourage women to become more involved in technology development in Cambodia

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has celebrated the program with funding from the foundation of capacity building, research, and development. This annual awards program is based on the theme “Women and the Digital Economy” and is looking for potential contestants from all over Cambodia

In addition, they must also be Cambodian women who have voluntarily given up their time and energy to actively participate in finding solutions in technology for the benefit of Cambodian society.

His Excellency Dr. Kan Chan, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, said: “The outstanding women’s program in technology has become an important event of the year to recognize Cambodian women’s achievement in technology. At this year’s Digital Cambodia 2020 event, we will be celebrating the five winners who are working hard to promote digital economy in Cambodia while helping to promote gender equality. This program is an important part of our campaign to showcase Cambodians and their awe-inspiring achievements

Since its inception two years ago, the Women of Technology Award has already been attended by more than 70 Cambodian women. The 2020 Honors Awards have the following five categories:

  1. The Best Women Entrepreneurship Award in Technology (Cambodian Woman ICT Entrepreneur Award) will be awarded to women who are in leadership and in business. C. Successful information has local and international recognition as well as the potential to grow its business

  2. Successful Women Engineers Award. C. The Cambodian Woman ICT Engineer Award will be given to women leaders who specialize in technology engineers, are highly innovative and have successfully applied their skills to various institutions to date

  3. The Women Award, which promotes the use of technology for social or community development (Cambodian Woman ICT For Community Award), will be awarded to women who have leadership, technology skills and actively participate in sacrificing their physical strength and time. Volunteer to promote the use of technology to society or the community, or women who have developed any technology solution for the benefit of society at no cost

  4. The Creative Digital Content Award for women who are successful can create unique and creative content that is useful to society, economics, and culture.

  5. The New Sprout Award (Girl Innovator) This award will be given to women under the age of 18, possibly individuals or groups who have developed a unique technology.

All the public can participate in the program just by asking the contestants as much as possible, but the applicant must know and understand the contestants you have requested. Requesting a candidacy can be done online at this link:

Cambodian Women’s Awards in Technology 2020 (Cambodia Women In Tech Awards 2020). Congratulations to the contestants for the following awards:

1. The Cambodian Woman Entrepreneur Award goes to Mrs. Kong Sorita, Founder and CEO of Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. “Which imports all kinds of GPS products to Cambodia

2. Cambodia Woman ICT Engineer Award went to ” Dr. Prohm Sophea, Chief Product Officer of Soramitsu Khmer Co., Ltd. “.

3. The Women Award, which promotes the use of technology for social or community development (Cambodia Woman ICT For Community Award), went to Miss Pen Vannet, co-founder and CEO of 606 and regional representative of Technovation Cambodia.

4. The Women of Creative Content Award (Creative Digital Content Award) went to Miss Rithy Lomor Pich, Founder, and CEO of Cube Fire Arts, a group focused on culture and tradition

5. The New Sprout Award (Girl Innovator) went to 18-year-old sister Miss Ses Vansar, now a student at Liger Leadership Academy.

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