Cambodia Strives for a Fully Digitalized Government by 2035

Cambodia Strives for a Fully Digitalized Government by 2035

Cambodia is dedicated to achieving a fully digital government by the year 2035, as revealed by Chea Vandeth, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications. At the launch of the ‘Digital Skills Development Program’ in Phnom Penh, Minister Vandeth emphasized the critical role of enhancing the skills of the workforce for this transformative journey.

Minister Vandeth disclosed ongoing discussions between the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and other ministries to establish ‘Digital Revolution Units’ within each ministry, expected to materialize in early 2024. He stated, “We are currently in the process of drafting a sub-decree for this purpose.” Once established, these units will ensure that officials from all ministries have internet access, advancing the current usage of digital technologies by 80 to 90 percent of officials.

Moreover, training officers in operations, technology, software development, security, and data will be a priority, enabling them to become experts within the digital revolution units. The minister stressed the importance of comprehending digital revolution policies and benefits, urging all officials to acquire this understanding.

Furthermore, all ministries and institutions are required to plan digital revolution-related activities annually. The overarching strategy follows Cambodia’s Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework 2021-2035 and Digital Government Policy 2022-2035, aiming to elevate education standards in digital technology and foster digital human capital through skill development.

The ministry envisions Takeo province as a model for implementing digital technology development projects targeting students and local residents. This initiative aligns with the goal of cultivating digital citizens in the fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution. Minister Vandeth outlined plans to inaugurate the Digital Technology Centre in Bati district and establish at least 20 digital technology centres in Takeo province by 2024. These centres will educate high school students and empower local community members, including farmers and factory workers, to navigate online transactions and public services.

Collaborating with six educational institutions, the ministry has signed MoUs to facilitate the Digital Skills Development Program, ensuring accessibility for students, including those facing financial constraints. Notably, digital sector expert Niraj Gupta commended Cambodia’s digitalization efforts while emphasizing the need for ongoing investment in internet access expansion, digital government services, and digital infrastructure to ensure widespread benefits and success in the digital transformation initiative.

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