Basic Training Course Digital Marketing For Business in Cambodia

Basic Training Course: Digital Marketing For Business in Cambodia

Why is our Basic Digital Marketing Course right for you? Well, the most digital courses that you could be found out there on the internet are mostly general marketing tactics and strategies that slide relevant to the Cambodia local market which taught by foreigner who not really know well about how social media or digital marketing really work in Cambodia; Therefore, you will waste a lot of time and money in taking those courses. To run a successful business in Cambodia requires you to learn the practical digital marketing strategy and have skills to utilize the strategy. To be able to do that you need to learn about digital marketing from a local digital marketing expert.

Why not take the digital marketing course that instructs by a local digital marketing expert?

Learn Digital Marketing and Become an Expert with Only One Course! With blueprints and practical steps, you can follow – this is the best place to learn and master Digital Marketing! YOU will Learn Here, you will gain actionable and practical knowledge and skills, that you can use immediately.

What you’ll learn

  • You will get actionable skills for a new career in Digital Marketing
  • Build and Grow Your online business from scratch
  • Grow Your Personal Brand
  • How to optimize a website to convert sales
  • Use SEO to get organic traffic to Your site
  • Use Email Marketing to sell and promote your products
  • Use Social Media to promote your brand
  • Learn, Understand and Create Digital Marketing Strategies

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants a high-paying job in Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs and Business-owners who want to promote their Brand or Products online
  • Marketing Executive/marketing manager
  • Entrepreneurs looking to make sales online
  • Anyone looking to use Digital Marketing, & Social Media Marketing to grow their business
  • Anyone looking to Make Money Online


  • No experience or audience required
  • Should be ready to Take Action!

Course Curriculum

  1. Website vs. Landing Page
  • Website or landing page?
  • Creating your website for free
  • The power of search engine (SEO)
  • How to optimize website/landing page
  • Why blog?
  • Google Analytics
  • No time, no worry, just do this.
  1. Facebook Marketing
  • How to create a business page
  • Facebook page optimization
  • Facebook – What to Post?
  • Tactics To Get Your First Page Likes
  • Secret Way to Boost Page Likes
  • Why Facebook Live?
  • The power of search engine
  • The power of pages
  • Facebook Content Planning & Scheduling
  • Targeting: Create audiences by type, age, location, interest
  • Understanding about Facebook Insight
  • How to measure KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  1. Online Advertising
  • Why online advertising?
  • Google Ads & YouTube Ads walkthrough
  • Facebook Advertising walkthrough
  • Mobile Advertising
  1. E-mail Marketing
  • Why email marketing?
  • How to setup email marketing
  • How to find email and grow your emailing list
  • How to manage email marketing campaign
  1. Digital Marketing Campaign Management
  • How to create a digital marketing campaign
  • How to budget your campaign
  • How to select digital marketing channels
  • How to choose target audience
  • How to optimize the digital campaign
  • How to measure the KPI (Key Performance)

Details Information

  • Training Venue: Google Meet
  • Training Fee: $79/person
  • Training Date/Time: 2 Days: Saturday and Sunday
  • Let us know if you have any question: or +855 (0) 16 600 321 
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