8 Ways Social Media Listening Can Help You Grow Your Business

8 Ways Social Media Listening Can Help You Grow Your Business

Suppose I informed you regarding an entrepreneur that’s constantly neglecting her clients, does not understand anything concerning her target market, disregards her brand name’s credibility, and also does not examine what her rivals depend on?

You would possibly claim that her company is predestined to stop working, right?

Well, if you do not carry out social listening in your company method, you’re most likely no far better than this. Nowadays, social networks are so common that it’s difficult to think of that your existing or possible consumers are out there attempting to reach you, or providing you chances to reach them.

Without social listening, you’re losing out on these prospective communications.

Social paying attention can be utilized in a series of means, depending upon your service objectives as well as the search inquiries you create based upon them. In the list below infographic, we give an introduction of a few of the vital methods in which social listening can be helpful for any kind of company or market.

1. Monitor brand health and prevent reputation crises

Monitor your brand name (including spelling variations). product names, and names of the key persons in your company. Look for a tool that offers sentiment analysis and topic analysis, such as Awario.

2. Improve your customer service by responding to social mentions in real-time

Use the same monitoring set-up you used for reputation management. Sort the found mentions by sentiment and respond to negative posts first. Make the tool you use supports real-time monitoring.

3. Competitors marketing strategies

Monitor your competitors’ brand names, key people and products to find out how successful their marketing campaigns are, and what is their ad strategy. Choose a tool with the share of voice analysis function.

4. Find hot leads

Create a monitoring alert to track keywords that people typically use when asking for recs in your niche or complaining about competitors. You will need a tool that supports Boolean commands or Awario Leads that only requires you to describe your product and then finds leads for you.

5. Discover PR opportunities by researching journalists and news sites

You can set up several monitoring topics: for journalists, for niche-related keywords on news sites, or even for your brand mentions on news sites and the webs specifically. Make sure that the tool you use supports website and new site monitoring.

6. Find influencers to collaborate with

Choose a tool with in-built influencer and analysis and monitor your brand and niche-specific keywords: you’ll instantly get a list of people to reach out too sorted by the size of their audience.

7. Improve your product through customers’ feedback

Monitor your brand name, niche-related keywords and phrases like “wish” your competitor / your type of product had / were., You will need that tool that supports Boolean commands to craft a details search query. Topic clouds and audience analytics help identifying consumer trends.

8. Research anything by analyzing online data

Come up with the base keywords to gather relevant social data and use the initial results to tweak and perfect your monitoring settings. A tool with a Boolean search mode and advanced analytics will be the best choice.

Brought to you by Awario, a social listening & analytics tool.

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