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4 Top Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Tour & Travel Business in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the majority of tour and travel business companies have at least a social media fan page to showcase and promote their travel and tour services. If your business does not have a website, you will be lost a lot of customers to your competitors. They take this advantage over you because they have a business website where tourists or travelers can search and be found online.

Youth in Cambodia (under age thirty) make up 65.3% of Cambodia’s 14,805,000 people. Twenty-six percent of Cambodians are between the ages of 14 and 30. All of the youth in the country are second and third generation offspring of survivors of the Khmer Rouge, a genocide that occurred from 1975-1979. Roughly 20% of the population resides in its cities, mostly in Phnom Penh, the capital, according to Wikipedia. What does this data mean to you? Well, there is no doubt, if your target customers (travel & tourists) are local Cambodians then the 65.3% of youth are your real customers. They use a smartphone and computer to search for holiday tours and travel to escape from the crowd. Therefore, having a professional website for tour & travel business is vital.

Here’re 4 top reasons why you need a website if you run a tour & travel business agency company in Cambodia:

1. Drive More Sales

Having a nice-looking design website is a must for tour and travel business in this competitive era. Tourists or travelers are likely to search for attractive tourism places or tour destinations via their smartphone or computer so that they can plan their tour or drip to relax for over the weekend.

Tourists search for information about holiday tours and activities to escape from stressful work during the weekday. Booking for tour or travel is made after tourists found your website and read through to find more information about your company and services on your website. If you don’t have a website, they will definitely book a tour or trip via your competitor tour or travel website as they found online through Google search.

2. Online Tours Booking

Call center is now such a boring service. It also costs a lot of money to hire staffs to fulfill this service. However, if you have a tour and travel website, your customers can even book your tours’ services directly from your website with ease whenever they can. They can even book by using their smartphone during or out of your work-time.

3. Building Trust

Every business, particularly tours and travel business may take long time to make a profit. However, having social media fan pages are not enough to build trust from customers. Travel & Tour agency company can build trust through their website. Showing testimonials, social proof, award, or useful information on your website makes your customer feel trust in your company even stronger.

4. Customer Support

In case, tourists or travelers need to contact you for more information about your tours or travel schedules. A website can facilitate this effortlessly. Through a friendly contact page, they can reach out to you via phone call or email. When they drop you an email, you will automatically get their email address which you can use it for your marketing effort later.

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